A Mic to Dance with by Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul began choreographing music videos for Jackson 5/The Jacksons in 1984, and then for Janet Jackson. She became a choreographer at the peak of the music video era in the 1980s. In 1988, she released her first studio album, Forever Your Girl. The album sold seven million copies in the United States of America.

Abdul has received several accolades, including the Grammy Award for Best Music Video in 1991 for her song “Opposites Attract”. She even earned her own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Abdul remains popular among all ages to this day, proof being her Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards’ Hall of Fame Award. Along with her achievements in the field of entertainment, she patented her own mic stand in 2009.

Paula Abdul a mic patent

Paula Julie Abdul (born June 19, 1962), net worth $30 million

The Patent

Microphone stands require the artist to stay close to it or drag it along with them. They usually are immobile. This is inconvenient, for the average mic stand is heavy and severely limits motion.

In 2009, Paula Abdul created her own “dynamic microphone support apparatus” (the United States Patent Number 20090196451A1, granted on 6 August 2009). This mic stand had a convex base encased in a cement cover. The base cover allows the artist to stand on it. This causes the microphone to tilt towards the user, enhancing the ease of use. The invention negates the chances of the artist falling over through. Its weighted base is stable enough to support a person standing on it.

The patent describes the microphone stand’s construction in the following terms – “The apparatus has a rod member having a first end, a second end, and a middle portion.

The first end is positioned through an opening in the base cover into the adhesive material in the compartment such that the rod member is immovable with respect to the base. The second end is configured to receive a microphone apparatus. The middle portion is configured to connect the first end and the second end.”

Paula Abdul’s invention allowed the artist to dance or swing with the microphone while singing. They would not have to drag the microphone or go too far from it.

The invention is undoubtedly useful, and certainly creative. Abdul, despite also being a singer and songwriter, is a dancer at heart; her coming up with a device that allows dancing while singing is not much of a surprise, given her interests.

This mic stand is a good example of a celebrity using her talents and experience to create something genuinely useful.

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