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About Us

Global IP Trust is a fast-Growing online news publication that focuses on celebrating those Inventors and creators who are truly Inventing Tomorrow.

Those who believe seeing the invisible, doing the impossible and creating the unthinkable – Men and women who are truly ahead of their times.

As mankind stands on the brink of a colossal shift, and we witness the world around us changing rapidly.

Globaliptrust.com identifies revolutionary leaders endeavoring to create the next Gutenberg movement or reinventing something like a fire or creating something like the wheel which will once again dramatically revolutionize the world and help humankind.

While all of us are participants to this change and a part of humanities’ greatest moment we attempt to identify inventors who will lead the way.

We acknowledge that every inventor conceives a solution to benefit humanity and we explore the projects, dreams, and nightmares of these thought leaders who will shape the twenty-first century.

This portal is the brainchild of Savio Dsouza to create awareness amongst people about all the changes and as one would say, ‘miracles’ happening around them.

Using the world of technology to its advantage globaliptrust.com attempts to reach a variety of viewers, showcasing all the forward-thinking inventors and amazing creators who are undoubtedly restructuring our tomorrow.

We at Global IP Trust urge you to turn away from the chaos of today for just a moment and focus on the Miracles of tomorrow. And the miracle workers that are indeed, Inventing Tomorrow.

For any further information contact – savio@globaliptrust.com

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