Breaking the Gender Barriers – Amy Mainzer

asteroid named after Amy Mainzer

American Astronomer–Amy Mainzer

Women scientists are directing innovative and mold-breaking researches across the globe. Yet, women only represent 29% of global researchers. However, only 3% have received awards. But as the world is advancing day by day, women are also leaving their footprints behind. One of those scientists is Amy Mainzer.


An American astrophysicist, astronomer born on 2 January 1974 is a principal investor of NEOWISE for studying minor planets. We know her for her Astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy.

She specializes in astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy. Also, she is a senior research scientist at JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Science division.

She is also B. Sc graduate from Stanford University in 1996 in physics. In 2000, she further did M. Sc. from the California Institute of Technology in Astronomy. Later in 2003, she received her Ph.D. from The University of California in Astronomy. She is at The University of Arizona following her passion for the planets.

She has a keen interest in topics such as asteroids, planetary atmosphere, star formation. Also, she appeared in episodes of history channels. They have awarded her various awards and honors. In 2012 NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal and NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal in 2011.

Can anyone imagine that she even has an Asteroid named after her name?

Yes, she is one of the rarest people in this universe who has an asteroid named after her. 234750 Immunized asteroids discovered by astronomers of neat is the name of that asteroid. 

Amy Mainzer Asteroid named after her

Barriers didn’t let her down

She had the dream of space since childhood. So, she even hosts a series called Ready Jet Go! Which is an animated series of kids that tell about what happens after landing over the moon. It has two seasons with 70 episodes. At the end of each episode Amy Mainzer hosts an educational segment over the topic covered.


Dr. Amy Mainzer Makes a Stomp Rocket Launcher

However, this not the end, it is just the beginning. And we have to provide suitable working conditions. Where women have ample aid to maintain an equilibrium between motherhood and research. The scientist is judged by their discoveries rather than their gender.


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