Car Designs by Steeve Burkhalter Samba

In today’s generation Cars is one of the most common things every individual has. But, what makes the difference is the brand and model of the car. Everyone wishes to have a Mercedes and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars that would catch everyone’s attention.

But, have we imagined what makes the car so unique and eye-catching. It is the design! How hardworking would be the people who would design the Mercedes cars? Steeve Burkhalter Samba, from Congo-Brazzaville, is one of them. He creates the interior of the Mercedes S-Class coupe concept car.

Steeve Burkhalter Samba

Steeve Burkhalter Samba

Steeve Education

In 2010, Steeve graduated in Design Transport and Mobility from the Créapôle School. They selected the design he made thanks to the refinement of the dashboard and door panels. No one could reject the model he built.

He gave the interior a very sleek and elegant look. Thus, a stylish and refined indoor/outdoor marriage which partly associates with the African creative genius.


Steeve currently works at Mercedes-Benz for seven years since March 2012 as a Senior Interior Designer. Later, in May 2019, he also got appointed as a Senior Interior Designer for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. What a beautiful life he lives working for such prominent companies.

But, reaching such a position would never be easy for Steeve. He worked as a fashion designer from March 2007 to March 2008 at Cerruti.

When Steeve was in Paris, he got appointed as creative director at the Afrometisse. Also, having an interest in real estate design. Cutting the edge of technology, he designed the interior design of Mercedes intended for short and medium-haul VIP aircraft. The plan for short and medium-haul VIP aircraft got made in collaboration with Lufthansa.

Steeve Burkhalter Samba in the Automotive Industry

Steeve also organizes master classes and workshops at his former Creapole Paris school.

So, the lesson we get from Steeve is we need to have the patience to achieve anything from life. If we need to succeed in life, we have to set and arrange ourselves.

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