‘Digit’ Robot Ready for Action!

Robots seem to be a weakness for human beings. We always try to create machines that look and function like us. They also have the added advantage of being very helpful in certain situations. And very dangerous in other situations like ‘taking over the world’ situations. 

Robot development is advancing much faster now than it did decades ago. They could have a variety of capabilities. They could even do stuff humans normally can’t. It is because of this factor that companies invest millions in robotics development. 

One such company is bringing functional labour robots called ‘Digit’ to the market. And this is exactly what the current situation needs. 

Robotics and Development

Credit: The Grocer
Credit: The Grocer

Robotics is a very wide field of research and technology. They are in development since the early 1950s. We develop them for all kinds of purposes and chores. 

A Robot is a machine that can perform a set of tasks that are predetermined by the designer. They can either do it automatically or by remote control. The designer assigns the function well ahead through computer software.

Some robots incorporate Artificial Intelligence in them to learn and understand their surroundings. These robots can highly perform tasks according to the situation through deep learning algorithms. Now, engineers are developing robots that may one day rival even their human designers. Let’s hope they don’t go too far with that. 

There are some robots specifically to perform a single or a set of actions. Since they are stronger than humans, they can easily replace human labour in factories and warehouses. Considering the current pandemic situation, such robots will be very helpful in such tasks. 

Agility and The Digit Robots

The Agility Robotics Team
Credit: Agility
The Agility Robotics Team Credit: Agility

Agility Robotics is a company originating from Oregon State University. The origins of the company date back to the early 2000s as the Ph.D. research of two engineers. They later became the founders of the company. The duo researched on legged robotics at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Dynamic Robotics Laboratory at Oregon State University back built two robots, ATRIAS and Cassie, from 2009 to 2016. Agility gained the license for the two robots for commercialization.

Jonathan Hurst (CTO) and Damion Shelton (CEO) are the founders of Agility Robotics. 

Digit is the team’s latest and fully operational robot whose development was in 2018 and market release in mid-2020.

The Digit Robot from Agility
The Digit Robot from Agility Credit: Agility

Digit is the latest robot from Agility Robotics. Unlike traditional robots, they design Digit to work in Human environments. It can do human tasks when human labour is scarce, not to mention the pandemic.

Digit features robust walking and running functions. It can climb stairs and can navigate through unstructured environments easily. Digit also has a pair of arms for basic manipulation. It vaguely resembles a human shape with no hands, flat legs, and no head. 

An added advantage of Digit is that it works in a human environment. There is no need for altering the work environment to facilitate the robot. They seal the joints of the machine to work in all kinds of weather. It can easily replace human labours in factories and warehouses, considering the current situation. 

Digit is out for Sales!

Agility claims that it is time for robots to hit the market other than laboratory research. The company recently announced that the Digit is out for sale in the market. It has a price tag of $250,000. The company announced that they plan to sell robots in the market for a long time

A group of investors also poured in a sum of $20 million to Agility for developing functional robots. The Ford Motors company and Agility recently made a deal for robots that can do loading and unloading works. 

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