Face Shield That Does Its Job In A Comical Way

The Coronavirus pandemic has halted our social activities for almost seven months now. In the early months, the governments in almost every nation imposed a lockdown. During this, no person could leave their homes for any reason other than grocery shopping. Furthermore, they shut schools, colleges, and offices. People began working from home and continue doing so even today. 

However, as the lockdown began taking a toll on the economy of the nations, the governments deemed it crucial to open offices and businesses again. While most people have the liberty of working at home, some others need to get to places. During this pandemic, they advise wearing a face mask or face shield when leaving the house. Maintaining hygiene, disinfecting, and sanitizing frequently is also advisable. 

Photo source Loma Linda University
Photo source Loma Linda University

The governments did not permit social gatherings also during this pandemic. Citizens all over the world need to follow principles of social distancing to ensure that they don’t catch the virus. As offices and cafés begin to open again, masks and sanitization are of utmost importance. 

A Spherical Face Shield From Science Fiction Comics

Plastique Fantastique, an art collective based in Berlin, has designed transparent spherical face shields for protection against the virus. They can serve as an alternative for the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The spherical shield called iSphere takes inspiration from science fiction comics of the 1950s. 

The face mask breaks away from the traditional face mask and shield designs. They design it to cover your mouth and nose completely. With the help of a cutting technique, they cut a small hole into it through which you put your head inside. 

Photo source The Indian Express
Photo source The Indian Express

Marco Canevacci established Plastique Fantastique in Berlin in 1999. Extraordinary circumstances that make this city a laboratory and explore different alternative, adaptive and energy-saving spaces for short-term and brief periods influence this art group. “This virus is very democratic. It spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, cultural, or economic status.” Plastique Fantastique shares with Designboom

Considering these factors, they made this spherical face shield. It is something anyone can produce, develop, and improvise. Marco Canevacci and Yena Young produced two hollow hemispheres in about 30 minutes. The cost of the materials as also just 24 euros. They taped these two hemispheres together to form a spherical face shield. 

Besides science fiction comics of the 2950s, the visuals of the utopian movements in the 1960s also inspired the creators. 

Funny In A Protective Manner 

Photo source Dezeen

“It is pop, and it belongs to everybody,” Marco Canevacci and Yena Young told WorldArchitecture. “The iSphere is a funny and serious object that stimulates how to approach this exceptional situation.” It gives off the vibe of an astronaut’s helmet while protecting you from the virus. 

“In this time of lockdown, we wonder about the mutation of our social life and the effects of the deprivation of physical touch,” they added.

They also said that they can alter the face shield with additional gadgets. You can have a mirrored layer, a sunshade, and even a snorkel. If you’re wondering how you would be able to talk on your cellphone with you inside a sphere, they have a solution for that, too. You also have the option of altering the face shield with a speaker and microphone. 

These additions make the already unique iSphere even more exceptional and out of the world!

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