Find out how Sherwin Yap builds his Kaizen robotics

The ability to invent is the vision in one’s mind. Challenges because of covid provided an excellent opportunity for a young Inventor to build some amazing robots that have the power to revolutionize the world.

So, if we are to estimate the world with powerful computer chips and technology.

Since February 2020, when the world was being locked down and there was despair all around Sherwin Yap, a young Inventor from the Philippines took a step towards “back to future”. So, he successfully attempted to make an invention of all the sci-fi Technologies. Technologies that were engaged by Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown.

In the new normal, where everything is possible virtually in terms of technology, he started mapping data about the knowledge he received every day. So, within this covid time, he gained extensive knowledge about Robotics Technology.

With a focus on technologies like bio robotics, machine learning, mechanical robotics, neuroscience, he has founded Kaizen Robotics, which has some amazing applications and posted his application on YouTube and Facebook, and people noticed him and wanted to collaborate with his company.

Sherwin Yap developing Kaizen Robotics

Sherwin Yap developing Kaizen Robotics


Sherwin’s interest in computer programming was at an early age of 10years, and he began advancing his knowledge on the subject. Also, his mindset towards tearing apart all his toys and looking inside of them to understand it working helped his inquisitive thinking.

So anyone who would learn computer programming at an early age of 10, has the potential to become a serious fun hacker when in university. The same happened with Sherwin as he gained his bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from the Robotics program of De La Salle University. 

Career of Sherwin

After gaining so much knowledge about Robotics, he began his career by building one of the world’s top International Energy companies. In optimizing the supply chain, his company recognized and won multiple awards for inventions and innovations given to them. As a General Manager in a company of over 500 employees. He led the company, making it a top-ranking company in Asia.

The covid crisis highlighted the basic problem of social distancing and was about masks, sanitizers, and global lockdown were all steps to avoid/minimize personal touch this prompted Kaizen Technology to envisage a customized touch-free solution for the COVID-19.

Kaizen robotics entered ordinary homes through social media. Not only the ordinary homes, but also to fellow inventors and leaders of academic institutions. They invented various projects. Few of them are:

  • Star Wars lightsaber controlled by the mind
  • Robotic hand controlled by the mind
  • Custom designed virtual personal assistant
  • Building reports capable of visible recognition and vocal communication.
Sherwin learning robotics

Sherwin learning robotics

So, Kaizen robotics is making a step to reconstruct methods to help people and find the solution to real-world problems using robots. They collaborated with various companies to work on: 

  • Recovering stroke patients with the help of physical therapy robots
  • Using AI for mental health assistive Technology.
  • Making cars driven by their own
  • Working as a mentor for various robotic inventions.

Sherwin built his own course in constructing robots and building a robotic company. During his journey of building robots, Sherwin learned three important lessons for life that can be imbibed by each one of us.

First is that he believes that everything is possible. If you involve yourself in anything, you will learn it. The fact is that we can understand and gain knowledge about everything using the present Technologies.

The second is about understanding the opportunity of the present age. There are people in the present age who want to share their knowledge. In the current situation, the internet provides us with the facility of gaining knowledge about anything. We stop not just because of the limit of information, but we get stopped by our own lack of imagination.

Last is that we need to take everything we learn in a fun way. If we take our work very seriously, it will eliminate the fun factor. We need to find which are the things which give us fun. So, when we find it, we will achieve everything we wish for.

Let Covid be an opportunity for Inventors to change the world as Sherwin did.

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