Fortune’s Pawn is a gripping read carrying the reader along from one exciting event to another. Be warned, once started, you might find it hard to put down!

FORTUNE’S PAWN PART 1 is a very interesting science fiction by Rachel Bach. It definitely surpass the expectations after some of the sci-fi I’ve tried to plough through recently. This author can write and knows how to use description really well and to keep the reader engaged. It’s a good adventure story, with interesting characters and some unexpected twists and turns. It has a bit of something for everyone really. Action, humour, romance, mystery are all blended in the book.. Also I felt that perhaps the thread of the ongoing mystery suffered a little at the expense of the plot. I would have liked to see the plot move along just a little faster.

Being set completely in space, this is definitely what one would consider science-fiction-literature. It is part of the trilogy; very well written. The world building is sufficient enough without boggling readers mind with excessive detailing. Fortune’s Pawn was absolutely fantastic though. I can’t remember the last book I read that was so freaking exciting, and I don’t say that lightly. It was so thrilling to read in several scenes. The pages will flip at lightning speed. Please make sure to limit your blinking so as to not miss out on precious reading time. 

If you are looking for innovative, subversive and stylishly-written space opera this is not it. It is however, perfectly decent and fairly standard sci-fi. It have a slightly bland female lead and cast of characters. The plot centers on Devi Morris. She is the former mercenary, who enlists as security on the spaceship. Also the Glorious Fool to enhance her CV and attract a job offer from the Royal elite force the Devastators.

Apparently she is a standard interstellar freighter. The Glorious Fool and her captain Brian Caldswell seem mysteriously well connected. Even with her fellow crew members, both human and alien, also sheltering secrets. In other words it’s that old standby, the mismatched team on a mission. Nothing necessarily wrong with that and it has proven successful across a whole heap of genres, including sci-fi.


There’s also little world building as a backdrop to the action in the novel. Apparently there is a severely hierarchical human society with an all-powerful royalty and aristocracy. The heroine appears not to question that at all, simply desiring to join the enforcers of the regime. Perhaps more is made of that in subsequent books in the series. This novel certainly sets up a sequel, with plot lines left hanging right, left and center. All of that said, Fortune’s Pawn certainly has enough going for it to make it worthwhile investigating the subsequent novels.

One lovely thing about FORTUNE’S PAWN(PART 1) that’s worth mentioning is the fabulous secondary characters. Hyrek is the ship’s doctor who is also a xith’cal, an alien race. He’s got a super snarky sense of humor. There is Devi’s partner Cotter who was a big meathead that was always good for a laugh. Caldswell is the mysterious captain with a bucketful of secrets. He is Devi’s roommate Nova who totally reminded me of Luna Lovegood. It is a wonderful cast of characters.


Paradox is the name of a planet. It is named as such because in spite of it’s super advance space-faring people, it runs on a feudal system. The people worship a divine god-king. For this, Aaron mentioned heavy influence from Warhammer 40k. And believe it’s not only in respect of the god-king, but the powered armors worn by the operatives.

Deviana Morris, the main character of this trilogy is a badass. She is a female mercenary who loves her powered space armour and weapons. Her love is so much for them. For which she named them and proclaimed that she’ll hold a funeral for them when they go out of commission

It may be too easy to classify Devi as a Mary Sue character. She is a bit more complex than that. She is a badass fighter who got where she is with a combination of skill, implacable determination and burning ambition. However, with her story told from the first person perspective, her inner voice gave out a sense of self-awareness. At the same time vulnerability underlying all that bravado.

Once you take away the romance though, the book; FORTUNE’S PAWN (PART 1) is fill with high-octane space-faring action. It is worthy of a blockbuster movie. The concluding climax was an adrenaline-pumping and breathtaking non-stop action sequence. It involves aliens and a top-secret government space station armed to the teeth. And what’s at stake? Pretty much the whole universe if Devi was wrong.

This book alluded to secrets and started dropping clues. A lot of the answers came in the sequel. Although, it was left to the concluding volume for the real revelations to come forth. In short, FORTUNE’S PAWN (PART1) is masterful pacing and its storytelling culminated in a satisfactory end.


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