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Gabb Wireless

The techno world has caught children into the deep sea of gadgets and social media. We know the children from the age of 1 itself who know how does a phone work.

First people used to get astonished when a kid knew about the features of the phone. And now it’s just the opposite, people get astonished if the kid doesn’t use the phone. The world has changed and with people adapting to it, children adapt more easily and accept change at great pace.

But this concerns us, as the world of social media is very prone to cyber-crimes. It can be a fraud, misuse of the information, hacking, tracking GPS, misleading kids, etc which endangers their life. With it comes the peer pressure of being cool on social media and being accepted on the online platform. This eventually leads to depression and anxiety over kids, and the number of suicide cases registered every year, which is skyrocketing.

Many of the celebrities and famous personalities don’t allow their kids to use the phone until they turned a certain age. Even Bill Gates didn’t give his daughter a phone until the age of 14. Many celebs like Serena Williams, David Beckham, and even Kim Kardashian don’t allow their kids to use the phone for long hours.

Children addictive to smartphones is a risk to future society
Children addictive to smartphones is a risk to future society

How did Gabb come into existence?

The growing technology and its ill effects on the kids worried about their parents and wanted a solution for it. Apart from limiting the hours for using the phone and putting restrictions on using it, parents still needed a permanent solution for it.

This leads us to the very creative idea of Stephen Dalby to build the first phone for kids. As he believes that giving kids too much technology, too soon, is too dangerous.

He made sure that this smartphone has all the apps in it and also eliminating the non-useful apps like the browser and social media. It contains 14 essential apps only which include music, phone, messaging, contacts, camera, video, gallery. Others being: calendar, calculator, clock, voice recorder, FM radio, and file manager.

It almost covers all the important apps needed by the kids in this era of technology. The special feature is that it has a GPS tracker that ensures the safety of the kids too.

Using Gabb Wireless phone
Children can use the Gabb Wireless smartphone to be more productive and learn new things from surrounding instead of the phone.

How can this phone help kids?

As seen it has assertive uses only which include just the basic functioning. The other hours will not spend using the phone, instead of utilised in some other activities like playing outdoor games, gardening, board games, etc. The kids of age 9-12 are prone to get addicted to smartphones and thus Gabb wireless will help them not get addicted in the first place.

Gabb’s  phone and its specification

Gabb Z2 bundle is of $99.99 having a 5.45” display and 8MP camera for photos and videos. It provides Bluetooth for music and devices like earphones and speakers. It has a sleek look and 14 essential apps required for kids and also comes with the charger. In addition, they have Gabb plans for unlimited talk and texting, which costs $19.99 and also provided GPS tracking.

Gabb specification
Specification of Gabbs Z2 Phone

Check out their website to know more about this significant innovation towards bringing a change in the young mind’s life: 

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