Hi-Tech Farming with Hydroponic Method

With food being essential in our lives, farming has become an important sector. Agriculture is the key development in the acceleration of settled human civilization.

Farming of domesticated species produces food that enables people to live in cities. It’s one factor that determines the country’s development. Without farmers in the countryside, the cities would not survive.

The procedure of farming started since the beginning of human-kind. Different crops are raised differently according to varying conditions of climate and soil. Furthermore, with technological developments, farming procedures are also developing.

Introducing alternative methods changes the traditional practice of farming every day. Farmers are adopting hi-tech farming to have more production of crops with good quality. One such method selected is the Hydroponics method of agriculture.

A New Method of Farming: Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method for growing crops without soil. In this method, the water helps as the substrate for growing the plants with the addition of fertilizers supplied to the plants.

Moreover, this method of agriculture provides essential nutrients to plants and promotes its commercial success. It is a high-tech process of growing plants in abundant mineral nutrients, water instead of soil. 

Hydroponics is considered an ideal concept for today’s agriculture sector. Finding fertile lands for crop production in recent times is very difficult. It is because of the rise in urbanization and deforestation. Hence the method of producing crops with the help of technology is getting significance.

hi-tech hydroponics

Hydroponic technology includes various benefits as soil; the critical ingredient of farming is not present. Moreover, the water used in the system is reusable, thus saving water, and also, the nutrition level stays in control. A cost-efficient method with high yields.

Further, the containers in which the plant grows are movable. This high-tech farming controls pests and diseases, and no damages occur because of pesticides. Most importantly, the little harvesting time makes it more commercial and better for consumptions as they have direct access to nutrients. 

An Adaptable Hi-Tech Farming

The Hydroponics hi-tech farming method is very adaptable in any region. Container farming lets anyone grow crops. The requirements are much less than good maintenance.

Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman founded Freight Farms in 2013. The founders understood the need for urban agriculture with an increase in hunger in the world. They developed a hydroponic farming technology inside 320-sq. Ft. These containers can provide local, year-round fresh crop production. Besides, they are sustainably grown, delicious vegetables, including hearty green crops, herbs, etc. 


Co-founders Brad McNamara (left) and Jon Friedman (right) at Freight Farms. Image source:

Freight Farms believes that healthy food is a right and not a luxury. Thus, they are working on making fresh food accessible to everyone, anywhere at any time, and meeting all the requirements. The primary need is water, electricity, and necessary supplies to make container farming successful.

Further, this method can give a production of 2-4 tons per year. Freight Farms can also operate in climates ranging from -40° F to 120°F. This method is ideal for any kind of region with varying temperatures. The innovative design of farming offers a smooth workflow.

Moreover, the crops are not exposed to harmful microorganisms, which can destroy crop fertility. As the water provides the required nutrients, farmers don’t have to pay extra for fertilizers and pesticides. This makes it cheap and robust.

By using hydroponics, farmers can use 90% less water than traditional farming methods. In addition, there won’t be any contamination of water because it is in a closed container.

This hi-tech farming can reduce the extra problems of traditional farmers. For instance, they are looking after the fertility of land, pests, and productions. The use of hydroponics can change the process of farming in the coming years.

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