Katie Hunt: Archaeologist and paleo-oncologist

 A woman is an ingenious force of the whole world. Every human being who exists in this universe has started his/her journey from her mother’s womb, a womb of a woman. It is her tender and guiding hands that allow a person to understand expression and emotions.

Her one hug can heal everything from a broken heart to broken elbows. But when it comes to society to give her the pride and reward she deserves, it has always kept her in restrictions. Restriction in love, career, and education among other aspects. But now, women are taking their own stands and taking their deserved position in society.

Similarly, there are women in this world who are a step forward in proving their existence by bringing a remarkable change in society. One of these women who is merging two different fields Paleo-oncologist and archaeologist is Katie Hunt.

Katie Hunt

Katie Hunt

Katie Hunts life

Hunt is a Paleo-oncologist and archaeologist. Paleo-oncologist is a person who specializes in the study of cancer.

Katie Hunt is a cancer survivor. She faced an aggressive and rarely ovarian cancer when she was pursuing her Ph.D. at the age of 22. She was always passionate about archaeology and would always watch national geography in her childhood constantly.

Katie’s career

Hunt was raised in AnchorageAlaska. Katie faced cancer when she was pursuing her PLU graduation in archaeology. This incident acted as a catalyst in her interest in Archaeology. She knew there was some connection between ancient times and her cancer.

In 2011, She graduated in anthropology and classical studies at the Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). Later, She gained a Master’s of Science in paleopathology from Durham University.

She thought that cancer is a modern disease, but she was never convinced with her elder’s thoughts. So, she decided to go deeper on this topic. After so much researches and studies, she found out that cancer has been a part of human history for a long period. She studied the remains of human skeletons a thousand years back

Now, Katie is continuing her study over this process to bring out a suitable cure for this disease.

Paleo-oncology: The history of cancer by Katie Hunt

Hands down women of this generation are taking a huge step to change the world and we should be grateful for such amazing women!!

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