Microsoft Surface duo – a phone or a small tablet!

Which gadget do we use in our daily life? One of the obvious answers would be mobile phones. However, we all wished to have a tablet as well. So, the new Microsoft’s surface duo seeks to be something different from any other gadget. The amazing thing is that we good mistake this Microsoft Surface duo for a phone or a small tablet. However, it is both less and more than those things. 

So when we are not using it, there will be no screen for cameras. So if we go by its shape and appearance, it is more like a small book but a digital version of it. When we open it, we will get two screens side by side or one screen with the other folded back. We can have a natural feeling of holding a notebook while using this device. 



Microsoft Surface Duo

Now we all would think of a difference between a smartphone or tablet and the Microsoft Surface duo. However, in reality, there will be no difference between these two. The smartphone we use takes better photos than this device. Also, our tablet doesn’t have an enormous gap in the middle of it. However, we all wonder what is the difference between these two devices. The answer is that the Microsoft Surface duo performs activities uniquely. The advantages of using this device are that we can handle two apps at once. Also, it has a good battery life. Along with it, it is thin and beautiful hardware.

The Surface duo gets perfectly designed as a gadget. Every inch of the device gets created intending to focus on creativity. But sometimes that creativity can also lead to annoying compromises. The most noticeable thing in the gadget is its thickness. We measure it at 4.8 mm when opened and 9.9 mm when closed. So the Microsoft got them said dedicated to making the device thinner to make the gadget pocketable. Another thing to notice is relatively lightweight for a device with two screens and two batteries. 


Phone, Tablet or Book?

The Microsoft Surface duo tries to be a different device which is neither of Phone nor Tablet but something in between. When Steve Jobs introduced iPad, he set up the stakes for that device. So is there any space left in our life to fit a third category of the device? A device which would be between a laptop and the smartphone? If yes then those devices have to be far better at doing the key task then the present devices.


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