Odontella Is Streets Ahead of the plant-based market

‘Tis not for everyone to process a vegan salmon

Odontella, also known as a Bordeaux start-up, developed the world’s first algae-based salmon alternative. They also laterally signed a deal worth millions of euros with two jumbo food retailers. The vegan salmon alternative, known as Solmon, hit the French market in 2018 and since then is the new rock roll among vegans and flexitarian. Made of marine algae, they also know sustainability as the middle name of Solmon. The unique processing of the product allows for reduced eco-footprint and is easy on the ocean.


The company co-founded in 2016 by Dr. Pierre Calleja and Dr. Alain Guillou, Prof. Claude Gudin, and Soraya El Fathi. Also, the company uses patents from Dr. Calleja. He has a Ph.D. in micro-algae biotechnology and is an alumnus of Montpellier 2 University.

Dr. Calleja has also received a Laureate from the Pierre Poitier Award (2012) and a Doyen Jean de Feytaud Award from the Academy of Sciences (2015).

founders of Odontella

Investors like WiSEED and Consell Regional D’Aquitaine and Olmix Group had bet over €0.7 million on Odontella.

They made solmon available in Greenbay, London in 2019. And Odontella prices 1206 Smoked Vegan Salmon at €9.99 and apparently tastes exactly like the pink flesh.

And while using its “seven-strong patent portfolio,” Odontella will also release a line of other vegan products by 2021.

“Micro-algae also offers a strong potential for innovation in the food sector. Odontella proposes a solution to the evolution of food practice with the exploitation of an alternative food source. A food source of high quality which also originates from marine algae and micro-algae. Our business is developing a full range of flavorsome products that are also appealing to the entire family. Choices destined to provide alternatives to fish, seafood and crustaceans with vegetable protein and essential amino acids and antioxidants beneficial to our health,” states director-general, Stephane Werbrouck.

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