PantryOn – Your Smart Grocery Monitor

The Brainy Spencer

The IoT appliance by PantryOn took the centre stage at CES 2020, the hottest event in consumer tech held in Las Vegas. PantryOn is a state-of-the-art cloud-centric household appliance. These intelligent pantry shelves monitor the groceries by weight, and being app-centric, generates a shopping list when any of the groceries are at the tail end.


The app-centric shelf

They have electrically actuated the shelves and connected to the gadgets over Wi-Fi. Colour codes the PantryOn’s application; when any provision is abrim, they show it with a green icon, then change to yellow, orange, and red with the decreasing content. The application also surfs the web for the best prices and better alternatives to groceries.


PantryOn was founded by Fadi Shakkour, President of MAC Faucets, California. The start-up had garnered $1.05 million in seed funding and the product is in Ăź-phase.

On-stream since February 2020

The patent-pending PantryOn’s shelves range from $300-$599, depending on size, and require 15-20 minute installation time. The company has guaranteed battery-driven and in-refrigerator versions too. This smart appliance is on stream since February 2020.

The epitome of viability

Novel innovations are futile if they aren’t at their workable best, and PantryOn’s shelves are very practical as they auto-generate grocery shopping lists, provide for the tidy organization of groceries, and also prevent food waste resulting from mindless grocery shopping.


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