Revolution of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is relaxing and charming. Many people find indoor gardening a fun task. Growing plants according to our wish is a very charming method of having fun. Many people take planting as a hobby and are the most popular ones.

Moreover, maintaining gardening is a very delightful task as it requires concentration and patience. It promotes mental stimulation and helps sustain cognitive capacities longer in life.

Further, it increases tranquility in one’s life. The best part about indoor gardening is that we can plant any type of crop. For example, beautiful bright flowers and also like green vegetables or herbal plants.

 With the pandemic situation due to coronavirus, buying vegetables from the market is very risky. Growing crops in an indoor garden will let us a sustainable and self-sufficient life.

However, it is very necessary to know the right procedure for growing a crop. It is not very difficult to plant small herbal plants which take very little maintenance. But how can we grow plants in a very sustainable way without the use of such resources?

Sustainable Gardening

Currently, the shortage of water is a major Global issue apart from the pandemic. Hence it is very important to group plants with a minimum amount of water. One such process of growing crops without much use of water is the hydroponics method of cropping.

In hydroponics, the plants grow with less amount of water than used in the traditional method of cropping. Through water, the plants get enough amount of nutrients to produce good quality fruits. For there is no extra use of fertilizers. Similarly, there are no pesticides as there is no soil.

hydroponics gardening

The fusion of indoor gardening and hydroponics has made a revolution in the field of agriculture. Everyone including people from the city can also now have their own raised crops in their garden. It wouldn’t matter if we live in a city or a farmhouse, or an apartment or a house. People can grow their own fruits and vegetables according to their wishes and requirement. 

Farming at home device


Even though indoor gardening sounds very fun, it can be difficult as well. The maintenance is very less but still requires lots of attention. Moreover, including the hydroponics method can also increase the level of difficulty.

Keeping the problems in mind such as in lighting, the inventors of Bace Rotofarm came up with a self-sustaining method of farming devices. Rotofarm is a NASA-inspired in farming device which can provide lush green crops in just 1.7 feet.

The device can grow a wide range of crops according to the user’s wish. For example lettuce, sprouts, flowers, or any green vegetables. Besides the device is completely hydroponics and does not require any soil. This ensures that no pest can attack your crop.

The device has a circular farm bed that rotates 360 degrees per hour and takes up minimal space. It can be even kept on our kitchen countertop. The shape allows the plants to get 3 times more light than ordinary flat gardens.

The device is app-controlled that is we can control Rotofarm through our smartphones. Through the app, we can control the amount of light the plants receive or we can also control the amount of water to fill the base. The sleek design of the product mix at eco friendly and high-tech. During the refilling, the user needs to mix the nutrients in the water.

“It marries nature and architecture in such a harmonious way,” Toby Farmer, founder of Bace commented.

This method of gardening has been accepted and adopted by many people living in the cities. As the procedures are simple and easy, people with long hours of job find relaxation through this indoor gardening. 

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