Revolutionary Tractor- Future of farming

Agriculture plays an important role in the economy’s development in our country. It provides food to the population and the major source of income for the rural areas. With the modern way of farming, productivity is what we should keep in mind.

The future of agriculture is using sophisticated technologies. These are robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. This technology will allow the farms to be more profitable and environmentally friendly.

The electric tractor is on the JOHN DEERE 1R series. John Deere is the inventor and the brand name of Deere and Company. It is an American corporation. They manufacture forestry machinery, diesel, agricultural equipment, and lawn care equipment.

How is it helpful in farming?

These advanced devices will allow farms to be more profitable and environmentally friendly. Technology is helping farmers make more accurate decisions. It is making it easier to do business.
By the year 2050, farmers will need to reach an impressive level of food production to help the world. They will operate with stunning new technology to increase efficiency on farms.
In the coming years, the demand for food is going to increase and we need to produce 70% more food. So the production has to rise efficiently which will bring more profit.
This self-driving electric tractor is safe and eco-friendly. It is a novel way to step into modernization for the farming industry. The expected weight of the working prototype is over 8.5metric tons. The weight is like a conventional tractor.

Features of the tractor

It is environmentally friendly because of zero emissions. The ultra-compact power unit has a total output power of 500 kW, and more. Its high PTO power makes it unique.
This means that with one battery charge it can plow over 10,000 m² of the lawn. It can last up to 4.5 hours. With a very low maintenance cost, customers get benefitted. Another attractive feature is its high performance. The electric motors have huge torque.
As a result, they are more efficient, reliable, lighter, and environment friendly. In simple terms, it will allow one driver to do twice as much work using technology.
The inventors and researchers still believe that they can reduce their weight up to 1 metric ton. This will add a significant advantage to this revolutionary project.
It will have a similar weight, but twice the power of a general tractor. This tractor is cheap and environment friendly. It will make the work of farmers easier on fields. The world will witness its advancement of technology in farming.

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