Salikhov Shavkat – a biochemist and an academician

The two most difficult thing to understand is the living world and the chemical world. There is one branch which includes the understanding of both these things. The branch gets called biochemistry. It is about understanding and studying the chemical processes within the organism. 

The principle of Biochemistry involves the integration of two things. First is the introduction to the structure of micro molecules. Second is a biochemical approach to cellular functions. It Lays the foundation to gather information about all biological processes. Having a degree in biochemistry can be much difficult then we can think of. There are scientists working in this field. One of them is Dr Salikhov Shavkat. 

Dr Salikhov Shavkat was born in December 1944. He is a biochemist and an academician of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. 

Dr Salikhov Shavkat

Dr Salikhov Shavkat


Salikhov is the Director of the Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. Also, he acted as the president of the academy from 2006 to 2016. However, he became a cabinet member along with chairperson of the science and technology Committee of Uzbekistan.

Awards and Honours

The President of Uzbekistan awarded him the “Hero Medal”.  Throughout his career, he created a valuable position in bioorganic chemistry in Uzbekistan. Thus he published over 300 papers and five monographs. So, there are over 70 patented inventions and around 15 new drugs, which he developed. Also, these drugs and inventions are available in the market in Uzbekistan. The Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region gave him the Tianshan Award.

 Scientist of Uzbekistan gets awarded

Scientist of Uzbekistan gets awarded


Being a strategic scientist, Salikhov laid the foundation for the China-Uzbekistan Joint Research Center. The Central Asian Drug R&D Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences began in 2013 in Uzbekistan. Also, this centre will act as a stage for research in natural medicines and talents training. Thus, he invested his energy and efforts in constructing and developing the centre.

 For the last 20 years, he has been educating over 20 PhD and graduate students. Also, he is the settler for Science and Technology cooperation on the Belt and Road. Shavkat acts as the chief designer of Central Asian Drug R&D Center. 

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