Seeds to fight Droughts

Drought is a natural calamity which the humans can not prevent. Thousand of death occurs when drought hits the land. People die out of dehydration, malnutrition, and unbearable temperature. Drought is the main cause of agricultural loss globally and it is the representation of a major threat to food security.

Plant biotechnology currently standing as one of the most promising fields. The field develops crops with high yield production in water-limited conditions. With the recent studies, the main reason for drought stress has been uncovered. To reduce this stress, several drought-resistant genes development is done to incorporate into crops.

Meanwhile, there is an introduction of various plants with drought resistance properties for high crop yield. However, there are still researchers proceeding to produce seeds to fight droughts. These seeds can produce a double amount of crops with less water and be pest resistant.

Droughts Resisting Seeds by Engineering Plant

Agriculture with the current situation faces an unparalleled challenge. Land suitable for farming reduces drastically due to soil erosion and degradation. Along with that desertification, and salinization is the destructive processes that further accelerate climate change.

Besides this can endanger global food production. The need to maximize crop production has increased to meet the world’s growing population. Further, we need to match the food security goals established by the United Nations. The current situation makes droughts a major threat to the worldwide agriculture sector.


The modern methods of Plant Biotechnology alter the traditional method of cropping. The introduction of gene editing had transformed the seeds. Scientists are trying to alter gene sequences to produce desired living creatures.

Editing genes of humans are much more difficult than it sounds, and it is definitely not editing a picture on photoshop. However, gene editing turns out easier for plants.

Scientists alter the plant genes to bring new types of plants that will have better properties. For example, better production of crops, high resistance to pests, and high nutrition quantity.

Moreover, they are engineering seeds that will be drought-resistant. These seeds will use less water but will give large production. This process of cropping can prevent several deaths and economic downfall.

Seed Companies Uses Gene-Editing 

With the evolution of seeds and gene-editing, seed companies are making developments in the sector. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors for economic development. The seed company based in Cambridge, Inari is an independent seed producer.

Further, they use a complete computational and genetic toolbox to introduce high-performance crops that are flexible, droughts-free and require fewer resources. Here plant genes are edited by removing some genes or by inserting them to produce new ones.

seed development for droughts
Inari seed for droughts

The evolution of seeds is expected to occur in the next thousand years. But human exploitation has left us with no time. Hence, Inari is increasing the time pace by introducing genetically edited seeds. For example, three modifications done on tomato plant seeds for altering their growth rate along with the size.

Moreover, increase the number of flowers and expanding the fruit size. With the modifications, the seeds led to productivity of more than 90%, which was fantastic. Inari’s plant science and application of biotechnology are making a notable impact on the agriculture industry. The cropping methods are changing and preventing natural calamities widely.

Biotechnology is the field of technology that works in hand with biology. The development can furthermore, bring massive changes in the genetic fields both for plants and humans.

However, developments in humans genes require more advancement and revolution. But the gene-editing of plant seeds is doing wonders for the farmer. They can now sleep without worrying about the productions.

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