Verona Mankou smartphones

In this world full of technology, we never imagined how tough it would for our parents to provide us with the smartphones we demanded. But, everyone is not capable of affording Apple. Verona Mankou, born on July 231986, in Pointe -Noire in the Republic of Congo, worked hard for his community and word-wide to provide a range of smartphones with affordable prices.

Verona Mankou

Verona Mankou

Verona’s Career

Verona is the creator of Africa’s first touchscreen tablet in 2011. He later also built Africa’s first smartphone. VMK is a mobile technology company, and Vox Medias is also a group which specializes in edition and production of broadcast content. Via audiovisual, digital and printed media. 

Being a child of an engineer in production in the oil industry and a teacher, Verona gained interest in IT at a tender age of 7. For embracing his programming skills, he holds a  BTS in network maintenance. Verona got appointed as the advisor of the Minister of Telecommunication and New Technologies in 2008. Two years before, he got his first job with an internet service provider in Pointe-Noire. 2009 was the year when Verona choose to take a decision. He decides to start his company VMK.

Support by the Government to Verona 

But, starting a company is not easy. Verena had compassion, determination, skills, but it needed funds also.this was the reason his project got stalled for two years. But where there is a will, there is away. The Congolese government invested $700,000 into the project, with assistance from some African businessmen. 

 VMK was the company to launch Africa’s first touchscreen tablet: the Way-C meaning “the light of the stars”. One year later, he launched a smartphone called Elikia, which means “hope.”  


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