Synapse Medicine Is Applying AI To Pharmacology

The prescription aide

“Our company, Mesdocteurs, offers a telemedicine application that uses Synapse as its prescription module. Doctors particularly appreciate this service we provide to our users. Because it allows them to ensure the safety of the prescriptions that are transmitted through our platform.”–Marie-Laure Saillard CEO MesDocteurs.

Bordeaux-based Synapse Medicine has devised the Medication Intelligence™ platform. And it allocates this platform to rectify drug use in healthcare sectors. They are combating against major culpability prevailing in the healthcare sphere and erroneous usage of medication.

What is the major culpability in the healthcare sector?

In France, medication misuse causes over 30,000 deaths and up to 23% of hospitalizations. Side effects of medication also cause geriatrics. Also, Synapse is ensuring the safety of drug therapies by providing healthcare professionals. Like doctors, paramedical staff, and pharmacists an elementary method to check reliable information about drugs. And also to assess prescriptions in real-time. Medication Intelligence also adjusts under each patient to avoid iatrogenic risk.


Medical Intelligence and its exclusive features

The striking facilities provided by Medication Intelligence are photograph prescriptions and monograph collections. And information about unwanted side-effects, drug interactions, severity filters. It also takes into account the patient’s clinical background and the patient’s medical assessment and monograph collection.

The public can also use the Synapse app to get hold of authentic information about drugs for free. “We developed the Synapse app to help combat a major public health problem, also known as drug-related iatrogenesis. This encompasses all undesirable side-effects caused by the intake of one or several drugs. In France, it is now responsible for about 30,000 deaths and 130,000 hospitalizations each year. Thanks to our proprietary medication intelligence technology and the Synapse app. It is now possible for anyone to access reliable and continuously updated information. Information about drugs, which can also prevent iatrogenic risks,” expressed Dr. Clément Goehrs, founder of Synapse Medicine.

The founding team’s air of sophistication

What makes synapse unique is its founding team comprising two medical doctors, and an engineer specialized in telemedicine. They established synapse Medicine in 2017 by Dr. Clément Goehrs, Dr. Bruno Thiao-Layel, and Louis Letinier.

founder of Synapse

Key statistics of Synapse Medicine

Crunchbase Ranking of Synapse Medicine is 2,867. On July 6, 2020, the French health tech start-up closed an $8 million funding round led by MACSF, a French insurance provider for healthcare professionals, with the support of XAnge, BNP Paribas, BPI, and Nicolas Dessaigne, co-founder of Algolia. Till now, the company has raised over $10.8 million in funding over two rounds from investors like Bpifrance, BNP Paribas, and XAnge. In a recent press release, Synapse pointed out that the number of deaths occurring because of medication misuse is equal to the COVID-19 death toll in France. Synapse medicine is planning to strengthen its leadership position in the sphere of prescription aids for telemedicine platforms on a global scale.

Synapse Medicine has a fine portfolio of clients. Professionals using Medication Intelligence are COO Hellocare, MesDocteurs, and sought after French pharmacist Katia Blemus.