The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World is a popular science fiction book by the physicist known as David Deutsch. It was first published in 2011. As the New York Times states, ‚ÄúBrilliant and exhilarating‚Ķ Deutsch is so smart and so strange. And also so creative, and so inexhaustibly curious, and so vividly intellectually alive. That it is a distinct privilege to spend time in his head.‚ÄĚ truly, he presents science as a force for betterment.

The fundamental premise in the book; The Beginning of Infinity is that the quest for good explanations drives human progress. And the author makes his case by looking across a very wide range of endeavors and pursuits. Where he sticks to this task, many of the arguments are powerful and convincing. For example, chapters on ‚Äėthe evolution of creativity‚Äô and `sustainability‚Äô.

Deutsch writes as if what he is giving us amounts to a tight, grand, cumulative system. Something of almost mathematical rigor. But the reader will do much better to approach this book. Along, with the assurance that nothing like that turns out to be the case.

The Beginning of Infinity book


From the enlightenment period, a flurry of scientific and cultural, and philosophical developments took place. And the discoveries were just the beginning of an infinite number of possibilities.

The Beginning of Infinity contains David Deutsch’s ruminations and mini-lectures on the importance of conjecture and examination in determining the truth. And also developing knowledge as the foundation of a desirable future. All the chapters of Deutsch’s book are in one way enlightening and entertaining and even enchanting with the author’s reverence for scientific examination.

According to Deutsch

The Enlightenment of the 18th century is also the beginning of an infinite sequence of purposeful knowledge creation. For this, he points to previous moments in history like the Renaissance and Golden Age. This process almost got underway before succumbing to their static societies’ resistance to change.

He also does the don’t assert live scientific theories rather examine the multiverse theory of quantum physics. It is definitely a philosophical exploration of progress and thought-provoking.   

What Deutsch tried to explain in the book is how human beings came to the center of the universe and also depicts a futuristic approach to it. It covers every sphere from art to the future and infinity. It jumps to universality not to calculate things but to understand it. A human being could survive and to learn and to remake the world according to its inclinations.

Actually, he is interested in the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution related to the culture. He devotes a chapter totally to creativity. This shows the ability to come up with new and better ways of doing things would appear to confer an obvious survival advantage. He writes the entire book, THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY, with enormous clarity and insight on the mechanisms of mutation and transmission. It is about the selection of memes which differ from those of genes. Above all, he extols the philosophical concept of optimism where problems are inevitable and solutions will always exist, provided they seek the right knowledge out.


What is apparent from reading the book The Beginning of Infinity is that the author’s view of science? And they somehow relate the technological transformation of futuristic existence to the pieties of environmentalism. But it also contains a way to the salvation of the world. The author here explains the view that problems are inevitable, but they are soluble. The book truly explores and establishes deep connections between the laws of nature, the human condition, knowledge, and the potential for progress.


David Deutsch author of The Beginning of Infinity

David Deutsch

David Elieser Deutsch, a British physicist at¬†Oxford University, and he were born in Haifa in Israel on 18 May 1953. He went on to Wolfson College, Oxford for his doctorate in theoretical physics and also wrote his thesis on quantum field theory in curved spacetime. In 1997, he also wrote the book The Fabric of Reality about ‚ÄúTheory of Everything‚ÄĚ.

THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY: Explanations that Transform the World, is his second book published on 31 March 2011 about how and how creativity developed in humans. He also pioneered in quantum computation and quantum information theory.

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