The Future of the Mind: the Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind is a popular, well researched book by the futurist and physicist Michio Kaku. At the initial level of reading the book it seemed like a science fiction but could soon be the reality. The author of the bestselling book ‘Physics of the Future’; had tried to find out why telepathy and telekinesis may not be as far away as we think it to be.

The book reveals a futurist approach of the functioning of human Mind:

  • Basically, what it discovers is that human being started evolving on earth from the reptile to mammal. And then to human, seemingly human mind evolves too.
  • As the brain consist of millions of neurons each part for different functions. What Michio Kaku develop into the book is how technology developed for brain imaging. However, the advancement of different therapy led the researchers to look into the Mind.
  • It also shares the view; how in the coming up future human can upload brain memories online through various modes.


Kaku in his book covers the minute and even the long term prediction of the mind and the science and technology attached to it. The book even explores the ethical dilemma prevalent in our society. A question arises whether we are playing God; his creation while dealing with mental illness in patients. The futuristic approach in the book definitely does not confines human intelligence rather it urges that human destiny lies in their own hands.

Cover page- The Future of the Mind

Instead of focusing on the function of a brain its focus laid into the expansion of the brain. Although after the evolution started as we started to explore the world human developed various tools to battle the ignorance. In the book he gives the anatomy of the brain and the consciousness level and divides it into three parts. ‘The Mind and Consciousness,” “Mind Over Matter,” and “Altered Consciousness.”.


He talks about the advancement in neuro scientific technology in future that we will be able to share our consciousness to the entire universe. And how technology is helping the mentally and physically challenged person. It is through implanting a microchip into the brain. These are definitely due the advancement of technology and scientific innovation.


The law of physics and the level of consciousness will allow us to stipulate the entire universe through one’s own experience. It allows us to understand not every person thinks in the same way. And how these varying approaches will develop into a generic whole in the coming future. The book even asserts a futuristic approach to impose human consciousness to robots. And an open ended question that he left upon the readers to accept it or not.

The book start off with a little bit of history, discussing the brain and than a deep understanding of the consciousness. Finally, his theory which is intriguing while obeying the laws of physics.

Michio Kaku


American physicist, futurist writer Dr. Michio Kaku was born in the year 1947, January 24 to a Japanese- American parents. He started his career as a researcher on quantum mechanics and by hosting program on radio.

He had published more than 70 articles on Physics covering a wide variety of topics. The author is the member of the Curiosity Stream advisory board. His bestseller includes ‘Physics of the Impossible’, ‘Physics of the Future’ and ‘Future of the Mind’. Kaku is also the co- founder of String Field Theory. Critics say “no one knows the future better than Michio Kaku”.

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