The machine that can make us sober!

There are people outside for whom an evening without a glass of wine is impossible. Also, there are many days when that one glass of wine converts into over one. However, it is late for everyone to realise that they have work the next day. Or has to do important works on the same day. But how it is possible to be sober after having drinks. 

But our scientists are also nothing less. So, they have found a solution to this problem. They have developed a machine which can sober you three times as fast as they usually do.   

Working of machine

The machine is briefcase-sized. So, they ask users to breathe hard and fast and make themselves hyperventilate. This process allows the machine to supply more carbon dioxide. Thus, by doing so, they use the lungs to eliminate alcohol. The harder and faster they breathe, the higher lungs will breathe out alcohol. 

Drinking issues

Drinking issues

However, if we breathe deeply and rapidly, it not only eliminates carbon dioxide but also alcohol. This causes symptoms such as light-headedness and fainting. The machine also helps to remove these. 

Scientists developed this device to use on people who have carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, for those who have to recover from anesthetics. But later inventors used it on five men who got half a large glass of vodka. The volunteers could clear the alcohol effects much faster than they would do if they would have not used it.  

Later, inventors approved it to get used by the people who drank more than they were supposed to. 

 Dr. Joseph Fisher, of the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, once said that it is unexplainable why they didn’t try it decades ago. He said it is a very basic device and can get made anywhere.  The machine could half the amount of alcohol in someone’s system within 45 minutes. This would usually take two to three hours on average.

The machine that can sober you up in moments

However, machine usage costs around $20,000 US dollars. So, other than this device there other ways to sober you up. Like performing exercise release toxins from your body as you sweat. Also,  exercise can help to metabolize alcohol. As you exercise, the breathing rate increases, resulting in increases in oxygen levels. This speeds up the metabolism and clears alcohol.

Few other solutions are to take substances such as caffeine, which may also help you feel more alert. But it would just alert you instead of intoxication you up. Few other steps are a cold shower and having fruits. Fruits can absorb alcohol and flush toxins. 

But out of all these solutions, the most effective way is to not drink, so you don’t need the machine.

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