The Price of Time

The Price of Time

Wow, what an excellent book! 

THE PRICE OF TIME is a science fiction thriller book by TIM TIGNER. This book is a change of pace for Tim Tigner. Instead of a hero trying to prevent random acts of terror or evil conspiracies, it’s a smart thriller. It also explores issues of morality and ethics in a world of rapidly developing technologies. The main concept asks the questions:

What if you could change your life forever?

 How far would you go to achieve immortality?


The Price of Time revolves around a small group of corporate bigwigs. They are keeping a major medical breakthrough to themselves. In a twist of fate, former CIA agent Zachary Chase inadvertently becomes a threat to the group’s secret. At the time investigating the disappearance of his college roommate, Lars. Chase has no idea who is after him or why. All he knows is that the
trouble started after Lars vanished. Using his CIA experience and contacts and the help of a woman he rescues while retracing Lars’ last known location. Chase closes in on the truth about Lars and his connection to the secret.

Chase’s investigation alternates with the actions of the mysterious group to reach their objectives while keeping Chase at bay. What makes this thriller different is that the group is not inherently evil or danger to society as a whole. Actually, the steps they take to protect their secret are somewhat extreme. The action is full of surprising twists (especially the stunning finale). Again, Tim Tigner gives the reader an amazing thriller that will have you thinking about it days later. He is a true literary master who never disappoints his readers.

The Price Of Time

This is a medical slash sci-fi thriller, recommended for fans of Blake Crouch and Crichton. When a group of scientists and financiers develop a youth serum which more or less guaranteed immortality. They imagined that all their problems would magically disappear. However, two decades after the invention, they realize being young ,rich is worthless. That too with no one to celebrate their achievement was worse than ageing. Thus, they set in motion events with unimaginable and deadly consequences.

There’s a point where the story moves from encouraging the reader to suspend disbelief. Also asking the reader to accept the absurd. The premise here isn’t nearly as intriguing as the book jacket promises.

A group of people invest in research that eventually leads to the discovery of the fountain of youth. They decide to keep it a secret and each receive periodic injections that render them immortal. When they realize that others will start noticing their lack of aging; they make a fateful decision to hire a hit man to find lookalikes whom can be murdered. Thus allowing the immortals to assume their lives and identities. It’s just ridiculous.


The only redeeming quality was Zach Chase. He is the former member of the CIA, who begins to investigate the disappearance of his best friend. He teams up with a retired triathlon athlete, Skylar Fawkes, and together they seek answers. The ending is particularly unsatisfying and though it doesn’t promote the possibility of a sequel to the story. This does appear to be the first in a Chase/Fawkes character series.

As you come to expect with Tim Tigner’s novels from the minute you start the story you are astonished. Even you are hooked to the book. It allows following the twists and turns and non-stop action. This author’s stories are always roller coaster adventures that are difficult to put down. The introduction of two new characters, Zachary Chase and Skylar Fawkes are awesome. The readers will enjoy the Agatha Christie touch. You will like these two and their interaction in pursuing the story to conclusion. The plot is both exciting and satisfying, in this case, the mystery of immortality.

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