VALUEMAG: Micro Solution For A Macro Problem


With increasing atmospheric temperature and decreasing fossil fuels, the race to create an alternate organic fuel is intensifying. Especially one which is also known for leaving minimal eco-footprint. And VALUEMAG, a protean and synergic project chipped in with the pursuit in 2018. VALUEMAG also aims to develop a metamorphic solution for micro-algae cultivation and harvesting.


An advanced magnetic method for micro-algae cultivation

Funded by the Bio-Based Industries joint undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research as well as innovation. Under a grant agreement, VALUEMAG is aiming to configure an advanced magnetic method for micro-algae cultivation. They aim at doing so in a cost-efficient manner.

Under this unique method, they inject different species of micro-algae are with super-paramagnetic nanoparticles.  In doing so they get magnetically changed micro-algae (MAGMA). They then immobilize it in SOMAC (Soft Magnetic Cone) surface in a closed-controlled system. This patent-pending method enables quick and cheap harvesting of micro-algae.

VALUEMAG - An advanced magnetic method for microalgae cultivation
An advanced magnetic method for microalgae cultivation

VALUEMAG will affect the environment and society monumentally. They will do so with the efficient use of land. And also with the production of micro-algae biomass and drastic reduction of production costs as well as cultivating water needs. They will also use zero greenhouse gas emissions and sizeable employment opportunities.


A consortium like no other!

A consortium of the National Technical University of Athens and University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, ENEA (an Italian research and development agency), Nomasico and Theracell (European regenerative biotechnology company). As well as the Slovak Academy of Sciences, PNO Innovation, and IRIS Technology Solutions. Also Exergy Limited, Vertech Group (a French environmental engineering company), and Ecoduna (An Austrian micro-algae manufacturer) have pooled In its resources to set up VALUEMAG. The project is being coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Algal cells are highly utilitarian but arduous and expensive to harvest. Cultivated as a source of highly valuable molecules, micro-algae play a crucial role in aquaculture. And one can use it in cosmetics and enhance the nutritional value of food and animal feed.

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