We all want to find a solution from our delivery boxes which got delivered in our home. We have a fear that the boxes will get stolen by the thief. Also about all the damages, it gets from the rain, snow, or other inclement weather. We all wish that our packages are safe, but we actually couldn’t find a solution.

So, Yale stepped in. They developed a Smart Delivery Box. These boxes are available in two unique designs ranging in price from $229.99 to $329.99. The ranges depend on us whether we want Yale’s smart keypad. This will make sure that our boxes sit on our porch in a safe place till we receive them. Yale also offers an insert to help keep perishables cold in the box.

The box dimension is approx 24 inches wide by 14 inches deep by 20 inches tall (about 61cm x 36cm x 51cm). It comprises a hinged lid and the word  “DELIVERIES” is at the front. But the problem is Yale says they designed the box according to the survey for most of the sizes of the deliveries. But if we got something really large or oddly shaped, it won’t fit in the box. 

Yale Smart Delivery Box

Yale Smart Delivery Box


The next thing is it says “Smart”. So what’s the actual meaning of smart? The delivery box comprises a Smart Cabinet Lock. When we snap the lock into place. We have to use the Yale Access app on our phone to name it and control it. We have to set the lock with our phone and then we can unlock it using the app, a voice assistant. It gets automatically locked whenever you close the lid. Also, we will receive a notification if someone puts something in the box. It acts as a second alert for our deliveries because we get one already from Amazon, UPS, FedEx. 

However, it is the same as the plastic outdoor storage bins. The box also occupies a considerable amount of room in the front porch. The weight of the box is low and also the lock weighs around 100 pounds. So we have to drill holes beneath or use a sandbag.

Yale Smart Delivery Box - time to get smart for home delivery

Although Yale does not have any partnership with any delivery services. So, they have to assign such agents who know how to use the box. This will also make the delivery person lock or unlock with the device they will carry. The delivery agents are not yet used to it. But in the long run, they will get used to it. 

So, if you want your boxes to be safe, then Yale delivery boxes are suitable.

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